• Year 1999

    Jiangxi Keyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. (“JXKY” for short), the shareholder of the Company, was incorporated, and started to independently research and develop the production technology of chiral lactic acid.
  • Year 2000

    JXKY and Musashino Institute of Chemistry (one of world major three lactic acid manufacturers) established a Sino-Japanese joint venture of Jiangxi Musashino Biochemical Co., Ltd., starting the industrialization of ten-thousand-ton-level high-purity chiral lactic acid.
  • Year 2000-2008

    Over the eight years of joint venture, the Chinese side, as major operation team, has organized and implemented the design, construction and operation of ten-thousand-ton-level production line, and the product quality has reached internationally leading level, making it become a famous lactic acid brand in China. In order to develop biodegradable materials, the Chinese side quit the joint venture in 2008, and then independently developed lactic acid-PLA industry.
  • Year 2008

    Jiujiang Academy of Sciences Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. (ASBIO for short) was incorporated to independently research and develop whole industry chain production technology of PLA.
  • Year 2011

    ASBIO initiated the basic construction of demonstration production line of biomass-lactic acid-PLA.
  • Year 2011-2016

    ASBIO makes consistent efforts in such core technology fields as non-food biomass saccharification, lactic acid purification, lactide synthesis, PLA synthesis, stereo-complex PLA scale production, and has made important breakthrough, having provided solid technical support for building production line of whole industry chain.
  • Year 2016

    ASBIO brought in strategic investor to carry out the scale industrialization construction of whole industry chain of biomass-lactic acid-PLA.
  • Year 2017

    The production line for I thousand-ton-level high-performance PLA and its monomers was completed and came online. The construction of the infrastructures of II ten-thousand-ton-level PLA was also completed.
  • Year 2018

    The Company initiated the construction of production line for II ten-thousand-ton-level PLA and its monomers.
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